Northern Highway Crane & Transport

Unit #01

Cost: $140/h
Capacity: from 9,480lbs at 7'10" to 1,540lbs at 41'8"

Unit #02

Cost: $180/h
Capacity: from 22,000lbs at 9'5" to 2,948lbs at 57'0"

Unit #04

Cost: $194/h
Capacity: from 25,100lbs at 9'6" to 80'0" with jib

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Northern Highway Crane & Transport

Northern Highway Crane and Transport is a locally owned and operated company based out of Prince George, BC. Our company has been serving the PG area for over 11 years and we take pride in offering safe and reliable services to our customers.

We provide a wide variety of crane and transport services that include:


Safety is our # priority. We are registered with WorkSafeBC and all our operators are CraneSafe certified. We use a WCB approved lifting device for trusses.


 Crane Safe.JPG